10 features that all CMS should have

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December 19, 2017
1. Human friendly membership system
  • A good CMS must not limit usernames to 10 characters and forcing users to create weird usernames

  • 2. User profiles must be extensible
  • Extensible according to what the website owner wants
  • Not limited to the usual profile modules where users are asked to fill in their ICQ etc, and signatures and that's it

  • 3. Search Engine Friendly
  • Fast links from Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN
  • Descriptive links from the major search engines - that means, people will see the URL, the title, name of website, the slogan, OR the content that displays the terms searched

  • 4. Excellent method for Categorization of content
  • This feature is a must for a Directory, Yellow Page, large organization, library, archive, even online newspaper

  • 5. Human friendly URLs
  • Can be read and memorized

  • 6. Syndication ready
  • Out of the box RSS feed / aggregation and
  • Enabling `Live Bookmarking' for Firefox and IE users

  • 7. Contact form that is ready and it works to serve as `Contact Us' and `Feedback'
  • A lot of portals have defunct `contact us' or still use mailto:[email protected] m which gets spammed and webmasters ignore emails sent using the contact us form

  • 8. “Search” inside the website
  • Must display the Title and the text containing the searched items
  • Must enable at least 3 characters or numbers to be searched

  • 9. Statistics and Referrers logs
  • Can track what articles, terms, questions, links - from search engines and anywhere
  • Is used to optimize content

  • 10. Logs for portal and user activities
  • Can see error messages, Search Engine activities, hacking attempts
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