Importance of User Friendly Website for Travel Agencies

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March 9, 2018

In this competitive internet world, every business needs a website, whether it is for branding, promotions or sales. A travel agency is one of many such businesses which requires a user-friendly website but its very important to understand “WHY? , FOR WHOM? & WHAT KIND?” These are the factors that define user-friendliness of any website.

First, we need to look into WHY? Because Travel Agencies’ audience is worldwide and what is a better way to reach out their potential customers and in an instance, than a good website. FOR WHOM? When developing a travel website one has to keep in mind that who are their potential customers and design accordingly.

Lastly WHAT KIND? The amount of sales generated depends mainly on what kind of website you are going to be developed. One must understand their product and their customers/ Visitors both in order to hike their sales records. It doesn’t matter whether you are in this business for a long time because if you don’t have a good website then it means you are far behind from your competitors.

Every traveler looks up to an internet for every information when they decide to plan their travel. In other words, we can say the internet has become so much integral to our life that we don’t even take a single step without its use. So, think yourself is it okay not to own a good user-friendly website that serves their potential visitors for your business in today’s world? Moving on, let's talk some important factors and beneficiaries your travel business will get with the help of a website.

1. Attracts an eye of new clients

The main reason behind building a website is to reach out to a large customer base and broader categories. Once you make yourself available on the internet every one of your customers will be able to reach you at their fingertips. So, make sure your website attracts an eye of every customer. For that, choose your design which beautifully reflects your business and with very attractive and appealing content. Think about all the possibilities that your customers want to see on your website. Think out of the box to make your website more interactive and intuitive.

2. Easy to find and book tours

Not only a travel website should look good to attract visitors, it has to be easy for visitors of “ALL AGE GROUPS” to Find what they want & Book what they want. When designing a website a designer and a site owner have to keep in mind that their targeted audiences are not just Young People who are up to date with latest trends and navigations but for all walks of life. I personally DO NOT like to spend my time guessing where my tour package should be on a particular website, it is time-consuming and too much hassle. A good navigation can be accomplished by just using old school style of “breadcrumbs” properly managed and categorized “Menu / Sub Menu” and Use of “Popular and Featured Tours.” Apart from navigation, another equally important part is “Booking.” A booking system should be easy to locate, many people use Call To Action (CTA) button which is one good way to achieve the goal but another way to do is the use of simplified Forms, which occupy a small portion of a web page area and requires less information to be filled.

3. Delivers your full services to your customers

With the help of a beautiful and informative website, you can easily deliver and demonstrate all of your available services to your customers. Don’t forget to include all the possible holiday destinations within their budget and the documents required to process their visas and all. Try to summarize all the requirements of any traveling plan. Also, include the search mechanisms from day to day itineraries to total sitemaps.

4. Help to create brand image and value

Owning an e-commerce website is another way of creating a brand value and brand image for your business. In fact, your customers will feel more comfortable and confident when they find you on the internet. As I mentioned earlier most of the customer's surf online before they make their contact with any travel agency. Therefore, you need to stand out in all matter such as images, contents, brand values and much more.

5. Workflow automation

On the off chance that your business has a substantial customer turnover, you are probably not going to locate a sensible harmony between the number of staffs and an appropriate salary for them. Thus, a coherent and straightforward travel web architecture will help your clients to make out the requests without any difficulty, which, from that point onward, and additionally can be processed automatically.

6. 24/7 interaction mode.

The traditional approach of visiting an office for making any travel plans is now officially over with the help of internet and website. You can simply ask your customers to fill out the form on your website or enable chats for processing any information they require. As we can say 24/7 you will be able to serve your customers with any information they require regarding their travel.

7. Customer feedbacks = Improved website.

Once, you are able to gather your customer's feedback regarding your travel site and service, you will have the advantage to improve your business accordingly. And of course, more feedbacks means more improved website and more customer retentions. While you are building your website don’t forget to be active on social media as well. Social media will help you to promote your business on whole another level.

8. Easy distribution of new offers

The website will definitely be the best place to learn about a new traveling place and new offers from your travel agency. For advertisements, you will obviously waste your money but on the website, it can be done freely, effectively and strategically. Your customers can get an easy grab of your offers without any difficulty and troubles.

Wrapping it up…

Therefore, a user-friendly, beautiful, interactive and intuitive website is must to attract more customers and generate more leads. With a website, your business will lead you to another level of achievements. So, if still don’t own a website for your travel business then you are definitely missing out on so many things and so much behind your competitors. Or you can simply contact us to make one for you.

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